Our Core Competencies

Operating & Surgical Suites

Ongoing advances in medical techniques, equipment, and systems have fueled the demand for operating rooms and surgical suites that improve outcomes while reducing operating times. We understand the key role that material and equipment handling, personal gowning, and negative air isolation play in preventing cross-contamination within suites, and possess extensive experience in managing and constructing redundant power, specialized heating and cooling systems, medical gas systems, detailed coordinated shutdowns, and the cut-over of critical surgical systems.

Emergency & Acute Care

When it comes to building and renovating emergency and acute care facilities, experience is essential. Our team takes a big picture approach to design and construction, carefully considering location, services, technologies, and operations during every step of the process. We ensure that all sensitive materials and systems meet our clients’ quality and operability requirements, and that every detail of a project aligns with the facility master plans.

Patient Rooms

Well-designed, properly constructed patient rooms are critical to patient safety, health, and well-being. We know what it takes to develop spaces that support healing while maximizing patient satisfaction. A/Z has the staff and experience to complete even the most demanding healthcare projects – whether minor modifications or new construction, we collaborate closely with facilities personnel, administrators, doctors, and nurses to ensure that our projects adhere to best practices adopted from the American Society for Healthcare Engineering (ASHE).

Hyperbaric & Wound Treatment

The ability to offer advanced and specialized wound treatment and therapy is more important than ever. Oxygen-infused hyperbaric chambers and other specialized areas within healthcare facilities allow providers to expedite the healing process. We understand the importance of creating sterile environments that minimize potential infections during pressurized oxygen treatments, and we possess extensive experience constructing and delivering medical gas systems to hyperbaric wound treatment suites and other specialized environments.

Infusion & Blood Draw Areas

With patient volume and space limitations putting pressure on primary healthcare facilities such as oncology centers, there is a growing trend toward moving infusion and blood draw departments to independent or outpatient facilities. These facilities require administrative and interview areas, waiting rooms, private restrooms, infusion and blood draw stations, and sample storage areas. We understand how to construct these facilities, ensuring that all equipment and infrastructure support safe, efficient, and reliable patient services.

Medical Imaging

Medical imaging departments that support advanced treatments are critical to quality patient care and increasingly important to the healthcare business model. Construction and installation within tight specifications is key to project success. Our expertise spans many types of medical imaging technologies, including CT scan, x-ray, MRI, fluoroscopy, mammography, and nuclear medicine. While building requirements and equipment specifications can vary widely for any given project, we maintain the necessary technical resources in-house to ensure a successful outcome with the installation of the most specialized technology available today.

Biosafety & Regulated Lab Areas

Biosafety labs used within hospital and healthcare facilities for handling infectious agents come with stringent controls and precautions designed to protect staff from exposure to moderate and highly hazardous biological substances. A/Z has extensive experience constructing BSL-1 to BSL-4 labs within new and existing facilities, as well as providing preventive and emergency maintenance across trade disciplines. Our ability to work within these critical environments is a significant differentiator between A/Z and other service providers.

Nurse Stations & Administration

Whether it’s developing floor plans that maximize program efficiency or addressing new requirements related to operations, privacy, and security, it’s clear that administrative support areas within healthcare facilities continue to evolve. Our expertise includes patient support areas, IT operations, public spaces, record keeping / financial management areas, and full department fit-outs. Our team has the skill and experience to deliver quick, controlled, and high-quality services while remaining sensitive to the needs of patients, visitors, and staff.


Pharmacies that create compounded sterile preparations must comply with USP 797, a Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO)-endorsed regulation designed to protect staff and to decrease incidents of pharmaceutical-transmitted infections. A/Z understands USP 797, and can build pharmacies that comply with its stringent requirements. In both hospitals and clinical research units, we can support fully compliant storage, automated dispensing unit retrieval systems and staging areas, anterooms, and both hazardous and non-hazardous compound rooms.

Central Sterile Supply

Successful sterilization suite projects require a complete understanding of complex equipment and operational requirements and a commitment to uncompromising purity and reliability. We have extensive experience developing these types of facilities for clients in the biomedical, healthcare, and research fields, as well as completing major sterile suite renovations while ensuring uninterrupted 24/7 operations.

Morgue & Autopsy

Like other surgical areas within a hospital setting, autopsy / morgue departments have stringent quality standards, technical requirements, and specialty equipment integration needs. Our team understands that sterility, ease of maintenance, negative air, and vacuum control play crucial roles in successful autopsies along with other procedures, and allow hospital staff to remain focused on post-mortem research and storage.

Central Plants

Reliable utility services are critical to the successful operation of hospitals and healthcare facilities. They must provide high performance, efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and environmental sustainability. We offer a full range of services and energy management solutions, including the construction of new central utility plants, specialty equipment installations, outage support, and maintenance initiatives. Our relevant experience spans main electrical distribution system updates, standby power solutions, steam / condensate piping modifications, and boiler / chiller installations, along with other specialty equipment installations that are essential for central utility plant facilities. We’ve also installed co-generation / combined heat and power (CHP) systems, which offer tremendous potential to reduce operating costs and dependence on local utility providers. By carefully evaluating our clients’ current and future energy use, we’re able to provide recommendations in order to optimize critical equipment investments.

Medical Gas Systems

Medical gas systems are crucial to patient safety and health, and must be installed with the highest level of attention to detail. With an industry-leading medical gas quality control and certification program, a team of licensed installation professionals, and the ability to work within fully operational facilities, we consistently exceed our clients’ expectations in this area.

Medical Data Centers

The continued expansion of information technology and the move towards electronic medical records has created a need for state-of-the-art data centers that facilitate effective information management and reliability for healthcare facilities today. Based on the critical nature of technology and information access, these mission-critical facilities require high performance equipment, advanced security, redundant solutions, and operational efficiency. With a focus on reliability, expandability, and security, we can support data center design to enhance maintainability, make upgrades achievable with minimal impact on network availability, and ensure smooth, interruption-free data flow, integration, and storage.

Our Work Highlights