Mission Critical

Our Core Competencies

Operations Centers

Operations centers are one of the most critical amenities used by sophisticated modern corporations to maintain business continuity and avoid operational disruption. Today’s centers must comply with national regulations, elevated security standards, and stringent engineered system redundancy. The integration of high performance audio-visual displays allows technicians to efficiently manage and coordinate daily operations. Every detail of these critical facilities undergoes close scrutiny, including operator ergonomics and infrastructure reliability. Our teams are experienced with supporting a range of stringent security and reliability requirements, including those outlined by the NERC and FERC.

Call Centers

The balance between cost, space efficiency, and durability are primary considerations when planning for a corporate call center. The space must remain efficient while maintaining all of the support functions for the operation, such as supervisor stations, training rooms, break areas, and employee lounges. Attention to acoustics and ergonomics are central when designing work stations; they enable staff to remain productive and equipped with the tools to support their customers at a moment’s notice.

Data Centers

Data centers are crucial to the smooth flow of business in all corporate environments today. In order to provide the essential technology platform required to thrive in the modern marketplace, these areas must be carefully designed to provide constant and interruption-free service on a 24/7 basis. Our specialists are thoroughly experienced in designing and installing unique systems within specific operational requirements for reliability, expandability, and security. The effective design of core systems within the facility makes maintenance and upgrades achievable while minimizing impact on network availability.

Broadcast Media

The business of broadcasting is driven by audio and visual transmission systems that are simultaneously some of its most critical and sensitive components. With 24/7 continuous operation as the industry standard for radio and television, there is no tolerance for power interruptions or outages. New construction, equipment upgrades, and system upgrades must consider how critical the audience is to business; the appropriate integration of temporary generators, UPS, and backfeed circuits during construction allow us to keep our clients on the air.

Emergency Standby Solutions

Unscheduled downtime is not an option for modern businesses. The implementation of effective emergency standby solutions provide an essential layer of protection against interruptions to global connectivity, customer support, and essential facility services. There are many options for emergency standby solutions that can defend against potential outages or equipment failures, and A/Z has collaborated with clients across all of our core industries to design, implement, and maintain these installations. From dual-fuel instantaneous emergency generation to network infrastructures with N+1 redundancy systems like uninterruptible power supplies (UPS), our teams have the technical knowledge and experience to incorporate highly effective solutions into operational facilities.

Emergency Outage Response

Should an unforeseen event disable some or all of a facility, its owners must call upon a partner with the ability to troubleshoot and repair even the most complex of systems within a highly aggressive time frame. A/Z’s unique combination of in-house services and experience within large, technically complex facilities throughout the region allow us to react very quickly to any unplanned outages. We offer our clients a 24/7 emergency call system that allows us to rapidly mobilize teams of licensed electricians, certified welders, pipefitters, insulators, carpenters, and laborers to ensure our clients are back online fast.

Shutdown Support

The coordination of planned outages within operational facilities to conduct renovation or maintenance are extremely time-sensitive operations. These activities require facility owners to work with partners they can trust to execute their goals quickly and restore their operations within schedule requirements. A/Z has the resources and decades of experience to support even the most high-risk events. With our in-house 3D BIM modeling capabilities, critical path method (CPM) scheduling, and procurement services, we can assist in pre-planning so that scheduled outages run without impact or surprises.

Our Work Highlights