Life Sciences

Our Core Competencies

Biosafety Facilities

The need for biosafety facilities emphasizing containment, security, and study has expanded in recent years from research and development laboratories to defense and homeland security projects. Projects of this nature include Biosafety Level (BSL) 4 labs to support animal disease research, large-scale manufacturing BSL 2 areas to support the production of a spore-forming vaccine, or BSL 3 Enhanced Facilities to be utilized as the first line of defense in a bio-terrorism event. A/Z understands the operational, functional, and security requirements for the certification and safe operation of all biosafety facilities.

cGMP Warehousing

Material management is critical to the quality control (QC) of any product. A/Z can support the certification of a walk-in fume hood for the QC testing of bulk incoming material or the validation of a monitoring system responsible for the temperatures of individual units within a freezer farm. Whether it is the receipt of an Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API) manufactured remotely or storage of an unstable intermediate, we understand the cGMP requirements to protect material and certify a warehouse facility.

Imaging Suites

As technology progresses, Magnetic Resonance Core Technology becomes more powerful and provides scientists with greater analytical research perspectives. Even with new insulating technology, the larger magnets in this equipment still impact the surrounding environment. Understanding the RF shielding requirements for an MRI or the effects of a particle accelerator on nearby sensitive equipment is vital to constructing a successful imaging suite. These considerations and our experience installing imaging solutions allow us to offer our clients superior reliability and performance.


A/Z is able to address the requirements of biology, chemistry, and specialty facilities from a user perspective. Usability and accessibility can be present right alongside Good Laboratory Practices (GLP). We support the planning and construction of facilities of any scale or sensitivity, including containment laboratories and isolation suites which must uncompromisingly keep staff and product separate. A/Z understands the requirements associated with these areas and the need for security and access control.

Specialty Support Facilities

Research and development is a methodical process requiring highly technical and advanced support equipment. As technology evolves and businesses exercise increased fiscal responsibility, this specialized equipment must offer modern capabilities while remaining cost-effective. Systems such as automated compound storage and retrieval systems and shared centralized suites for mass spectrometers or high-density freezer farms are crucial for achieving these goals. Our extensive experience in offering adaptable solutions allows us to meet the evolving needs of our clients.


The sensitivities of housing and utilizing animals in support of research and development is carefully monitored and regulated. The facility must address client needs while conforming to regulatory standards. The durability and maintainability of the finishes, temperature and humidity requirements, animal watering systems, cage washing, and waste collection systems are just some of the concerns within a vivarium. Understanding the isolation requirements of animals within a Barrier Facility or the possibility to increase capacity utilizing ventilated cages are solutions that A/Z can bring to a project based on our past experience.

Our Work Highlights