Energy Management Services

Results-driven energy efficiency solutions powered by a fully integrated services provider.

A/Z has been an energy services leader for decades, working with our clients to plan and implement upgrades to their utility infrastructure systems. Our Energy Services division combines these years of technical experience with dedicated professionals focused on helping our partners achieve their sustainability and financial objectives through energy conservation measures (ECMs).

A/Z’s unique approach to Energy Management Services is founded on our diverse in-house engineering and construction resources. Our professionals leverage these complementary resources to provide a holistic approach to reducing energy consumption. From the initial identification of energy savings opportunities through analysis and implementation, our integrated capabilities allow A/Z to serve as a single source to our clients. We also collaborate with regional utilities such as Eversource Energy, National Grid, and Avangrid on behalf of our clients to navigate and secure applicable incentives and rebates.

Ultimately, our mission as your partner is to provide ECMs that are the best fit for your facilities now and in the future. Key areas of focus include the following ECMs:

Energy Management Systems (EMS)

Building management control systems are an integral product in providing a window into your facility’s operations. Modern control systems offer the ability to monitor building systems for indoor comfort, temperature setback during non-occupied times, outdoor air control, equipment monitoring, and alarming. These systems are designed to run without constant human interaction, continually monitoring the equipment and delivering proper space comfort.

A/Z helps our clients achieve energy savings through these controls via a multitude of methods. These include indoor temperature scheduling and setbacks, demand control ventilation, discharge air temperature reset, and control of variable speed motors. We work with virtually all control systems to implement energy conservation measures that reduce energy consumption and improve a building’s performance.

VFD & Motor Replacements

Motors are one of the larger energy consumers in a building, turning pumps, fans, compressors, and other loads. By understanding each motor’s function and usage, A/Z determines if they’re running at peak performance. During our facility investigations, we determine if HVAC equipment is sized for its current load. Oversized equipment often offers the best opportunity for energy reduction.

The most efficient motor is the one that never turns on. Conversely, the least efficient motor is the one that doesn’t turn off when it should be off. The worst-case design scenario usually represents a relatively small percentage of the overall operating hours for any given building system. By controlling the speed of motors, we can deliver the right amount of energy and achieve maximum efficiency. Controlling motor speeds and having a motor with a high efficiency make for an improved building performance.

High-Efficiency Heating & Control Upgrades

A/Z’s professionals look to converting boilers from oil to gas as a great opportunity to increase building energy efficiency. Newer condensing boilers have very low exhaust temperatures, which means the amount of the fuel’s energy that is transferred to the building is increased instead of going up to the exhaust stack. Gas also eliminates the need for expensive on-site oil storage.

Where natural gas boilers are already in place, control upgrades can be a great way to increase the existing boiler’s efficiency. New controls that monitor O2 exhaust levels and dial in the control of air / gas fuel mixture ratios will typically increase the boiler efficiency by a significant margin.


Adding insulation to equipment, piping, and valves is a cost-effective way to save energy. Proper materials and installation minimize heat loss while promoting life safety. In addition, insulation on chilled water piping reduces condensation that could produce a potential for mold or slip hazards. Condensation also increases exterior piping corrosion, reducing the life expectancy of the piping system.

Insulation systems offer a consistent return on investment that is further supplemented by local utility incentives. We analyze our clients’ systems with thermographic imaging and infrared cameras. Then, we will analyze the best-fit insulation products to achieve an optimum ROI for our clients. The equipment, piping, and accessory insulation can be installed by our qualified staff.


The past decade has seen huge strides in lighting efficiency, particularly with the advent of LED lighting. This technology has greatly reduced the energy required for all types of lighting. Traditional incandescent and fluorescent lighting systems also produce heat while operating, which increases a building’s cooling load. New LED lighting systems don’t have the heat rejection, therefore reducing the cooling load.

A/Z’s professionals evaluate your current systems to determine a best-fit application to improve your lighting and increase your building’s efficiency. Additionally, our licensed electrical professionals are highly experienced with the proper and safe installation of these lighting systems within active facilities.


Heating, ventilating, and air conditioning (HVAC) is essential for regulating temperature and air flow. Our professionals help to ensure that your HVAC achieves maximum efficiency by analyzing key areas for improvement. In addition to properly sizing these systems, typical improvement can include chiller replacements, pumping configuration changes, control upgrades, and sensor installations.

Steam Trap Surveys

A steam trap is utilized to release condensate while maintaining live steam. If a steam system is not maintained, countless steam traps will fail as a result. The build-up of sediment from the water supply can collect at the trap and cause plugging, allowing steam to escape. A failed trap can also cause water to back up in the system, preventing areas from being heated. Locating these failed traps is an important step to managing your facility.

A/Z surveys steam traps throughout our clients’ facilities to identify failed devices. We also work with local utilities, which often have very favorable incentives and rebates to help fund failed steam trap replacement projects.

Compressed Gas Leaks

Leaks are a significant source of wasted energy in compressed air and process gas systems. Motors running compressors can be of significant size, and reducing run time reduces energy consumption and wear on equipment.

A/Z surveys our clients’ compressed gas systems by utilizing ultrasonic acoustic detectors, which help identify high-frequency air leaks that are undetectable by other means. Our survey of compressed gas leak detection and repair is a smart solution for facilities ready to stop wasting air and start lowering energy costs.