Subcontractor & Vendor Portal

The strong connections that we share with our subcontractors and vendors show in every project and program that we support.

Working With A/Z

Welcome to our corporate Procurement Department. The information contained on this site is for the benefit of our trade contractors, suppliers, and consultants (collectively, our “vendors”) to assist in understanding the procurement policies, procedures, expectations and objectives of A/Z.

The Procurement Department strives to be the acknowledged industry leader recognized for innovative, high quality, and cost-effective approaches to meeting and exceeding our customers’ expectations. We will strategically develop strong relationships with key vendors; obtain maximum value in terms of quality, service, technology, processing, and total cost; provide leadership and tools to improve process, quality, cost effectiveness, delivery, and safety; and commit to continued skill enhancement and improving knowledge of evolving technologies and leading-edge industry standards and practices.

Vendor Code of Conduct

All A/Z employees are required to adhere to our Employee Code of Business Ethics and Conduct, and we expect our vendors to understand and comply with our Vendor Code of Conduct. Our Vendor Code of Conduct documents the principles, guidelines, standards, and expectations for establishing and maintaining a business relationship with our company. All vendors are strongly encouraged to contact an A/Z procurement representative with any questions including those relating to the appropriateness of any activity. Please review our Vendor Code of Conduct.

Authorized Commitments

Vendors shall fully realize and understand that company funds may only be committed by those A/Z employees specifically authorized by the Corporation to commit funds on behalf of the company. Unauthorized expenditures will not, in any situation, be honored by A/Z.

Vendor Relations

A/Z consistently strives to develop relationships with responsible and responsive vendors for all of our assignments. A/Z supports an array of project delivery methods to support some of the most innovative and technically complex initiatives in the market today. Our reputation for quality of work includes using vendors that share our commitment to safety, quality, and best-in-class practices and who promote a corporate culture aligned with the standards and guidelines of our Vendor Code of Conduct. We manage our vendor relationships with honesty, integrity, and fairness, offering equal opportunities for all responsible parties.

Vendor Diversity

As an industry leader in engineering, construction, operations, and maintenance initiatives, A/Z endeavors to build and sustain an environment that reflects the diversity of the larger community in which we work and from which we benefit. Our objectives are to identify, purchase goods and services from and maintain business processes that facilitate equal access to sourcing opportunities for diverse business enterprises in our procurement, construction, and services initiatives.

Vendor Registration

The selection of vendors to participate in A/Z bid opportunities begins with online vendor registration. Please visit the Subcontractor / Vendor login portal to register. Once registration is completed, submitted, reviewed, and approved by the Procurement Department, notification to complete our standard invitation to pre-qualify will be sent via email to the respondent. All registration is done online and all information provided to A/Z by our vendors is held in complete and strict confidentiality.

Vendor Selection

The selection of vendors is a critical function of Procurement, and we recognize that the “lowest price” is not always the best price. Vendor selection criteria are client and project-driven and generally fall into the following major categories: general business and financial capabilities; cooperative and creative management; flexible planning that responds to our needs; ability to perform to A/Z standards; consistent on-time delivery of goods and services; technical expertise; competitive pricing; past performance; and commitment to environmental, health, and safety programs.

Vendor Evaluations

The Procurement Department continually conducts performance evaluations of its vendors, realizing that good vendors are assets of the company. Core evaluation criteria include competency, capacity, commitment, compliance, control, cash management, cost control, consistency and collaboration. Evaluations are conducted at a minimum to (a) minimize subjectivity in judgment and make it possible to consider all relevant criteria in assessing vendors, (b) facilitate better communication with our vendors, (c) assist in correcting identified performance weaknesses, and d) build vendor partnerships.


Our close working relationships with our vendors are crucial to the long-term success of our organization. We value the business relationships we have with our vendors and view them as strategic business partners. A/Z appreciates the contributions that our vendors make toward the success of A/Z and looks forward to continuing vendor relationships designed to ensure mutually beneficial business achievements.