Baker Hall Renovations to Change the Face of Yale Law School

It brings us great pleasure to announce that A/Z Corporation has been awarded The Baker Hall Comprehensive Renovation Project at Yale University. Yale has partnered with Pirie Associates to design the 137,000-square-foot retrofit of the Robert C. and Christina Baker Hall at Yale Law School. The project will return dormitory living to Yale Law School with 70 rooms, plus media/study rooms, lounges and other common areas. The building’s exterior will receive new windows, roofing and rain gutter collection systems. The new space is expected to open to students in 2018.

Learn more through this article in the Yale Alumni Magazine.

A/Z is also currently managing the completion of renovations to Yale University’s Becton Hall.  This project has involved the reconfiguration of teaching laboratories for the university’s engineering program. The team is responsible for managing renovations to approximately 13,000 square feet of facilities in the continuously active building. The newly renovated space will support eight new flexible undergraduate teaching labs for multiple engineering disciplines.