South County Health & A/Z Build Partnership

South County Health’s (SCH) commitment to providing outstanding healthcare is apparent in the testimonials of its patients, its collection of industry awards, and the quality of its facilities. To that last point, SCH has recently established a partnership with A/Z Corporation to conduct important upgrades to its primary care facility in Wakefield, RI.

Our first project in collaboration with SCH consists of a series of improvements to the mechanical infrastructure serving one of its operating rooms. SCH has been recognized as one of the best surgery facilities in Rhode Island, and the reliable operation of these rooms is critical for ensuring that its medical professionals can continue upholding this prestigious consideration.

This project focuses on improving the quality and reliability of the conditioned air serving the operating room. Due to the continuously operational nature of this busy facility, patient safety, infection control, and operational continuity have been top priorities for our team during construction. Excellent communication and transparency with SCH staff have allowed the team to mitigate unplanned impacts to the facility.

We have sincerely appreciated the trust SCH has placed in A/Z to manage this project, and we are very excited to announce the award of what will be our next undertaking in collaboration with SCH: the replacement of a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) unit. Our experience with the installation of high-end imaging systems in operational hospitals makes A/Z well-prepared to support this critical project. The project will require the removal and replacement of an MRI suite wall to accommodate the removal / installation as well as upgrades to the utilities that serve the suite.

In addition to these projects with SCH, A/Z has an outstanding track record in supporting operational healthcare facilities. View our portfolio to learn more about our work in this sector.