South County Hospital’s Renovated Pharmacy

We are pleased to announce the recent completion of a critical pharmacy renovation at South County Hospital, the latest in a series of facility enhancements at the busy Wakefield, RI healthcare facility.

As with any of the work we’re performing in an operational patient care environment, the A/Z project team worked closely with the hospital staff to ensure that the project did not interfere with hospital operations or impact the patients. Detailed planning and infection control risk assessment (ICRA) measures were central to these goals. A phased approach was implemented to avoid diminishing the capacity of the active pharmacy.

The project focused on expanding the pharmacy into adjacent storage and administration spaces. Work commenced with the removal of walls, doors, finishes, and other architectural components to allow for the proposed floor plan. HVAC systems were upgraded to support the unique ventilation / air change requirements of the compounding environments. The plumbing systems serving the space were also reconfigured to support the new layout.

This project represents another milestone in A/Z’s valued partnership with South County Health (SCH). To learn more about our work with SCH and other healthcare leaders, please visit our portfolio [].