YNHH Regional Ops Center Breaking Ground

A/Z is preparing to break ground on the new Regional Operations Center (ROC) for Yale New Haven Health (YNHH) in Orange, CT. The 140,000-square foot facility designed by S/L/A/M Collaborative will play a crucial role in unifying and streamlining the supply of the health systems 200+ facilities located across the state.

The ROC will house a diverse range of spaces necessary to providing responsive support to statewide medical facilities. High-bay warehousing and specialized storage areas will contain supplies such as the linens and medical devices used in YNHH’s hospitals. Additionally, the facility will feature large hazardous and non-hazardous pharmacies that will be used to receive, prepare, and package product for distribution throughout the system.

The ROC Project represents the latest in a long history of partnership with YNHH. Our collaboration with YNHH and other leading healthcare systems have allowed us to work in nearly all areas of modern hospital, medical centers, and their supporting facilities. You can learn more about this experience in our Healthcare Portfolio.