Site Safety Award

A/Z Corporation has received the Ahold USA Safety Recognition Award for its commitment to safe work practices during a project at the Ahold USA facility in Freetown, Massachusetts. Ahold USA’s brands include Stop & Shop and Peapod.

The Construction Safety Manager for Ahold USA Gregory Walkowski stated “We recognize and appreciate your company’s commitment towards safe work practices by your employees and providing the safest working environment during the construction process of this facility.”

A/Z’s Westborough, MA office oversaw the project to completion, adhering to the company’s top safety standards and practices. A/Z’s mechanical division took on the complex project of designing and processing equipment for a waste digester plant at the company’s central distribution facility. Its process helps keep organic waste like leftover food out of landfills. Organic products including meat, produce and fruit are ground into a pulp and stored in large tanks (digestors) with hot water. That releases a combustible gas similar to methane, called biogas.  The gas is captured, filtered and pumped into an engine. The engine is connected to a generator which generates electricity.  The electricity is used to power all the plant equipment plus other loads.  Electricity not used is sold back to the utility company.  The engine also creates usable hot water from its cooling circuits.