Supporting the Recovery of COVID-19 Patients

Our position as a leading, trusted services provider to the regional healthcare sector has provided A/Z with unique opportunities over the past several weeks. For example, we were recently engaged by South County Health (SCH) to upgrade its patient care facilities to support the recovery of COVID-19 patients and the safety of building occupants.

Our team members’ expertise with working in operational healthcare environments positioned A/Z to deliver this project. In preparation for the unique healthcare requirements presented by the pandemic, SCH reached out to A/Z to transform ten existing patient rooms into negatively pressurized isolation suites for COVID-19 patients. This configuration is vital for mitigating the spread of pathogens to other areas of the hospital.

This design-build project demonstrates how powerful A/Z’s integrated services are for our clients. Team members from our Design & Engineering, Major Projects, and self-perform groups worked together to evaluate, plan, and execute these critical renovations. We are extremely grateful for the contributions of our design-build project team!