Critical Shutdown Coordination with Genzyme

Leading-edge manufacturers are challenged with ensuring their facilities are operating in peak condition with the latest equipment while minimizing any downtime to their production processes. In the biopharmaceutical world, the stakes are even higher when carefully cultivated living cells are the key to the development of drug therapies. Upgrades to biopharmaceutical manufacturing facilities must often be coordinated during tightly controlled shutdown periods.

Genzyme and A/Z have embarked on just such a technically and logistically complex shutdown sequence in a facility on the company’s Framingham, MA campus. The Genzyme and A/Z teams are working closely to execute a series of critical projects that includes a building expansion, interior traffic flow improvements, and general finish upgrades.

This vital work is being executed on an aggressive timeline to ensure that Genzyme is able to re-initiate its vital manufacturing operations in ultimate support of the patients who depend on its therapies around the world.