Support Services

The backbone behind our operations, A/Z employs dedicated team members in distinct centers of excellence to support our teams in the field.

Corporate Recruiter

John Bolduc

Team Member Overview:
A/Z’s success has been made possible by our ability to attract, recruit, train, and sustain some of the industry’s best talent. Our Corporate Recruiter, John Bolduc, plays an instrumental role in connecting top candidates with A/Z. John’s 30 plus years in and around the Construction Industry have allowed him to build the Network and Technical Acumen necessary for identifying the most qualified Engineering and Construction professionals, both Regionally and Nationally. His career previously included top producing Construction Recruiting roles at MRI – The Boston Group and SnapDragon Associates, preceded by a long and successful run in Building Material Contractor Sales.

•  36 years of industry experience
• 5 year tenure at A/Z
• Business Administration Studies
• Recruiter of the Year Award
• Mentor of the Year Award

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